• 13 Dec 2021
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What’s New - October 2020


  • File Transfer V2
  • MacOS Big Sur Support
  • Chat Text Field Expandable
  • Session Duration shown on Toolbar
  • Reboot/Reconnect in Safemode when connected to WiFi

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Coordinate mapping was OFF in whiteboard during tiles mode
  • Scrolling UP is now the same speed as scrolling DOWN
  • Fixed resizing issues with Chatbox

File Transfer V2

We have completely redesigned the file transfer process to give end users more visibility and control over their transferred files. Updated features include a new download window, automatic re-download, support for long file names, new file transfer badge, and many more.

Downloads window

  • The number of consecutive file transfers is now capped at 2.
  • The current status of the file transfer is shown in the bottom right corner. The file can be in either a Queued state or an Error state.
  • Users can cancel file transfer in the Queued state, during the transfer itself, or in the Error state.

Automatic re-download

The download will automatically restart if it failed during the connection loss.

Support for long file names.

There is no limitation on the length of filenames on files to be downloaded using the new ScreenMeet features.

New File Transfer badge

Indicates file transfer is in progress.

Updated Download Request Dialog

Specifies the name and size of any file to be downloaded.

Unsent files dialog

Shows files that were rejected during upload based on file size or type.

Chat Text Field Expandable

ScreenMeet has received many suggestions and has responded by creating an improved Chat Box for agents. Agents now have the ability to write multiline messages in the Chat Text Field and review them before sending them to the end user.

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