Remote Support Settings
  • 06 Oct 2022
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Remote Support Settings

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Article Summary

Remote Support Settings Overview

The following section outlines which remote settings are available and how they affect the functionality of the remote support application.

  • Session Recording - Determines if the session can be recorded, and if/when recording is enabled.
  • File Transfer - Determines if the session has file transferring enabled, and if the file transfer is bi-directional, agent-to-user, or user-to-agent only.
  • Enable Chat - Determines if the chat functionality is enabled.
  • Remote Control - Determines if a session allows the agent to control the user's device remotely. 
  • URL Invites - Determines if an agent can invite other agents to the session with a URL link
  • Laser Pointer - Determines if an agent can utilize the laser-pointing functionality. 
  • UAC Administrator escalation for Windows - Determines if an agent can escalate the session to an administrative level through Windows.
  • Log Remote Control Keystrokes - Determines if session remote control keystrokes will be saved to the session log. NOTE: If the agent is entering passwords or sensitive information, this will be contained in the session logs.
  • Windows Tools - Determines if the agent sees and can utilize the Windows Tools.
  • Reboot and Reconnect - Determines if the agent can reboot and reconnect to the session on supported devices.
  • Run Terminal Commands - Determines if the agent can run ad-hoc commands in the support session.
  • Stream Performance Tuning - Determines if the agent can adjust the stream performance to improve session stability.
  • Agent Obfuscation - Determines if the agent's name is obfuscated. The agent's full name, first name + last initial, first name only, or "Agent" can be displayed
  • Reboot in Safe Mode - Determines if the agent has the capability of rebooting the affected device in safe mode. 
  • Allow agents to use the Screenshot tool - Determines if the agent has permission to take screenshots within the session.
  • Whiteboard Screen Drawing - Determines if the agent can draw on the user's screen as part of the annotation feature. 
  • Agents can pre-request remote control on desktop - Determines if the agent can ask for permission to utilize remote control before the session starts.
  • Agents can pre-request administrator permissions on the desktop - Determines if the agent can ask for administrative permissions before the session starts.
  • Enable auto-login feature - Determines if the auto-login functionality within the session is enabled. This will save the users credentials on the controlled device.
  • Keyboard Mapping to Agent or Client language - Determines which language that the keyboard is mapped to(agent/user).
  • Session Idle Timeout Seconds - Determines how long a session should remain active/open with no activity. A session will automatically close after this amount of time if no remote input is sent. 
  • Privacy Curtain: Allows the agent to gray out an end user's screen while the agent works. The end user can cancel the privacy curtain by hitting ctrl + alt + delete on their keyboard
  • Network Diagnostic info: allows the agent to see more network information in the agent viewer.
  • Show License Agreement: Prompts the end user with the license agreement upon session start if enabled.

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