• 06 Oct 2022
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CoBrowse Requirements

Browser Support

Windows: Edge, Chrome, Firefox

MacOS: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

iOS: Safari, Chrome

Android: Chrome, Firefox

Bandwidth Requirements

Cobrowse is a fairly low bandwidth streaming solution and should perform acceptably on connections speeds of 1.5 Mbit/s (3G) or better.

Network Configuration Requirements

A website integrating Cobrowse should make its assets like images, stylesheets, css, icons, and fonts be publicly accessible on the internet so that the agent view may re-use them to help correctly render the page. VPNs, firewalls, or other corporate networks must whitelist the Secure Websocket protocol (wss) wss://* as well as https://* for port 443 via TCP and UDP. It is a common misconfiguration to only whitelist the https and subsequently users or agents have trouble starting a Cobrowse session even though they have a valid pin.

Supported Languages - Agent Viewer

  • EnglishGerman,  Spanish,  French,  Italian,  Japanese,  Korean,   Portuguese,  Russian,  Ukrainian,  Chinese,  Taiwanese