Salesforce Release Notes Q1 22
  • 15 Feb 2022
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Salesforce Release Notes Q1 22

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In this release, we focused mostly on cleaning up the clutter we currently had in our package with old components and objects that are no longer in use, while at the same time adding some features and bug fixes.

Feature Details

Added Support for scheduling in the widget

One feature that we supported for a long time has been scheduling but there was no easy way to achieve it without using custom code/flows.

As of version 1.15 we support scheduling Live and Support sessions through our standard Lightning Component ScreenMeet Session Widget.

We added a flag to our component to enable the scheduling behavior which can be accessed and changed through the Lightning Page Builder.

Added support to Join before guest on Support sessions

This feature enables your agent to join the Support session and wait for the guest to join to avoid delays while the guest joins, the component receives the update, then the agent clicks the join.

Added new component that list ScreenMeet related files

We added a new component that allows users to view and download the files related to the parent object of the session.

This can be added as a separate component into any object page as shown in the following screenshot.

Added a Co-Browse deployment URL link

We also added the co-browse deployment URL link to the list of fields shown for the co-browse sessions

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented the agent from sharing its screen while on a session inside the salesforce component


  • Removed ScreenMeetLiveWidget lightning component
  • Removed ScreenMeetWidget lightning component
  • Removed fields, tabs and layouts of the following deprecated objects
    • screenmeet__ScreenMeet_Session_Device_Info__c
    • screenmeet__ScreenMeet_Session_Log_Event__c
    • screenmeet__ScreenMeet_Sesion__c

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