• 18 Feb 2021
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What is a Trial Account?

A trial account is intended for developers to quickly and easily begin integrating their products with the ScreenMeet platform.  By registering a trial account, a developer can gain limited access to our Agent Portal, which allows:

  • Creating sessions for Remote Support.  This can be used for Mobile SDK development.
  • Creating sessions for Cobrowsing.  This can be used for cobrowse integration.  Try ScreenMeet's Cobrowse functionality.
  • Creating sessions for Live calls. (experimental)
  • Accessing a trial Mobile API Key.  This API key can be used to demo the functionality of the ScreenMeet Mobile SDK.

What are the limitations of a Trial Account?

  • Only one active session at a time.
  • Sessions are limited to 2 minutes in length.
  • Session recordings will be purged on a regular basis.
  • Communications and recordings are not guaranteed to be private.
  • These limitations are subject to change.

How do I move to production?

If your organization has contracted with ScreenMeet, contact your administrator to get access.  If not, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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Need Additional Help?

Contact us at support@screenmeet.com

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