Windows Tools
  • 23 May 2022
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Windows Tools

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Windows Tools will become enabled when Remote Control is on.

The Agent has several shortcuts specific to Windows which can be used.

Each button launches that window on the end user’s computer.


NOTE: Icons with a blue/yellow shield on the top left will require UAC to be enabled

FunctionalityWindows Hotkeys
Ctrl Alt DeleteCtrl+Alt+Del
RunWindows + R


The selections available in the Windows tool pane correspond with the hotkeys listed below.

Note: Windows Hotkeys are not supported by passing the hotkeys from the agent's input to the user. When the functionality required below is needed, the agent must click on the icon of the given functionality to send that input to the user's device. 

FunctionalityWindows Hotkeys
Create Virtual desktopWindows + Ctrl + D
Close Current Virtual DesktopWindows + Ctrl + F4
Switch Virtual DesktopWindows + Ctrl + Left/Right
Position Agent’s WindowWindows + [Left][Right][Up][Down]
Share ContentWindows + H
Show DesktopWindows + D
ProjectorWindows + P
Minimize AllWindows + M
Lock DeviceWindows + L
Move Windows to Other Monitor’s LeftWindows + Shift + Left
Move Windows to Other Monitor’s RightWindows + Shift + Right


FunctionalityWindows Hotkeys
Windows ExplorerWindows + E
Start Menu OptionWindows + X
Task ViewWindows + Tab
Speak SearchWindows + Q
Keyboard SearchWindows + S
NotificationsWindows + A
Pinned Program [1]Windows+ [1]‌[…]
Previous AppAlt + Tab
Context WindowAlt + Space
Edit MenuAlt + E
Close AppAlt + F4


NOTE: Icons with a blue/yellow shield on the top left will require UAC to be enabled

FunctionalityWindows Hotkeys
Connect WirelesslyWindows + K
Switch Language InputWindows + I
Window SettingsWindows + I
System PropertiesWindows + Break
Show DesktopWindows + D

Run Commands

PowerShell: Use PowerShell instead of Command prompt when running the commands.

Run as Admin: Run PowerShell or Command prompt as Administrator.

Keep cmd terminal open after running: After running a specified command, this will leave the window open so the output is visible. The default is for the command to run in the background. Enabling this option will leave the window open.

Run command on “Enter” key press: Toggling this will allow agents to execute commands after clicking on ENTER, rather than clicking “Execute Command”.

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